Wanuskewin Heritage Park Centre

3DS was commissioned by Wanuskewin Heritage Park Authority for the design detailing, fabrication, and installation of their new WHP Centre exhibition, which opened in September 2020.

Through immersive environmental galleries, audio stations, display kiosks, mural wall systems, and other interactive areas, visitors can explore the cultural and spiritual tradition of the Northern Plains Nations, their connection to this land, the significance of this sacred place of gathering, and the importance of teaching and storytelling in preserving and reclaiming knowledge of their traditions and beliefs.

The exhibit was designed by AldrichPears Associates, and was part of a $40 million-dollar transformative project. 3DS provided detailed design work, graphic development and production, and final fabrication and installation of all pieces.

The Wanuskewin Heritage Park Centre was awarded the National Trust Awards in September 2021, and the CMA’s Award of Outstanding Achievement in June 2022.

Photos: Matt Braden Photo


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