2010 Olympics Games, BC Canada House


For the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, 3DS was lead contractor on this most ambitious project – to replicate no less than a full Northwest rainforest and green energy exhibit on the inside top floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery, amid the gallery’s classic architecture of polished columns and winding marble staircases.

We worked as part of a large, precisely coordinated team, headed by Ken Heit Design. The logistics of the job were extremely complex. Among our many challenges was building a complete scale replica hydrogen bus, which visitors could actually board, to see a video presentation on the principles and advantages of hydrogen power. The entire project was a showcase for BC’s forest products, industry, businesses and leading edge “green tech”, being developed in the province. And, of course, everything in the exhibit was green energy efficient.

Lineups went around the block from early morning every day. BC House was widely regarded by critics and visitors alike as simply the best pavilion of the 2010 Olympics.


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