“Thirty-Five Rings”, North Vancouver City Hall


A work of public Art, by artists Antonio Millares III and Jeremy Crowle was part of the new North Vancouver City Hall. Appropriate for this famous densely wooded region, “35 Rings” refers to the powerful metaphor of growth rings in a tree.

A series of giant rings spans the length of the wall, but only partially appear “revealed” within a lateral pattern running parallel with the wall’s own texture. Each ring represents 3 years of the City’s history, from its 1907 incorporation to the building’s completion in 2011. Cast in resin, the rings’ four materials – concrete, metal, glass, wood, along with an array of culturally resonant everyday objects represent specific areas of the city’s rich history.

This public art installation ascends the building’s main entrance stairs, encouraging observation of the natural space and the connection of objects within our own environment.

Photos: Kris Krug


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