Larry Berg Flight Path Park, Vancouver International Airport

People had long gathered at the end of the runway, just watching the planes take off. After years of this, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) recognized this natural gathering place and developed the area, to contribute to both the comfort and enlightenment of visitors.

Working with design by Ken Heit Creative, 3DS constructed a unique outdoor interpretive centre for the airport. The centrepiece is a 30-foot-diameter dome, representing the upper Northern Hemisphere and showing flight routes from YVR, worldwide across the pole. Lighting design was handled by EOS Lightmedia. For that, we built an enclosing ring of aluminum lighting standards, demarking longitudinal zones and designed to look like jet tails.

Sharp & Diamond Landscape Architecture was the lead on their involvement with the plaza, signage and overall park design.

Photos by Dale Reid and D Cicovic.


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