“Cliffwalk” at Capilano Suspension Bridge


As BC’s top tourist attraction, the Capilano Suspension Bridge could have coasted on their success for years. Instead they dramatically enhanced their already amazing visitor experience with the addition of an entirely new complementary attraction. “Cliffwalk” is a spectacular – and truly terrifying – suspended walkway, projecting off the canyon cliff wall, 300 feet above the rushing Capilano River.

Here, in the middle of a Northwest rainforest, visitors are given an interpretive walk through the river’s ecosystem. Cliffwalk provides an unprecedented view of the abundant living world that exists on the cliff face, which can only be seen from such a radically engineered vantage point. 3DS created an array of interpretative elements, which were fabricated with a combination of stainless steel and edge-lit LED glass. Since opening in 2011, visitor response to Cliffwalk has been overwhelmingly positive.


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