4848 Store


Everything in the 4848 Store is brand new, but everything looks old. This retail ski shop, in Snowshoe, West Virginia, is a perfect example of what we call our “Store-In-A-Box” concept. It was designed and built entirely by 3DS, from floor to ceiling, including all branding. It looks and feels like a warm, rustic old store, but behind that “Ma and Pa” front end hums a modern merchandising machine, with smartly organized power walls and freestanding retail display units. We finished the store’s seamless look with beautifully stylized historic photos in the windows, distinctive signage and custom accent lighting throughout. The one actually old component is the repurposed farmhouse doors showing their years of use battered, paint-peeling . We used those as the core of the floor-standing display units – because, sometimes, old really is better.

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