Brian Head Resort


Brian Head’s new owners wanted to make a clear statement that “Under New Management” is a sign of change for the better. The resort’s two very tired base lodges provided the perfect means.

3DS was brought in to completely overhaul both facilities. We started with Giant Steps, a 2-level building with dining downstairs and a bar above. On the main floor, the servery posed our initial challenge. 3DS brought order to an uncomfortably constricted traffic situation. This long, skinny space, with a single entrance and 8-foot ceiling, became a compact, contemporary environment. Upstairs, we tripled the size of the bar and, even under the same 8-foot ceiling restriction, gave the room a real center, in what is now a warm, intimate gathering place. This basically featureless building – initially erected only temporarily – now sees its life extended by many years.

Over in Navajo Lodge, we were given higher ceilings and wide-open spaces, but a radical transformation was still badly needed. 3DS replaced the run-down servery with a showcase of wood and tile that will look great for years. We moved on to the Guest Services and Ski School area, giving it a visual character of its own, yet still related to the lodge’s main aesthetic. The final piece was a smart little coffee bar, off the main area. Now, visitors to Brian Head experience a unified look and feel in both facilities and get the new message, loud and clear.

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