Seasons Bar & Restaurant

In this quaint Catskills town, Windham Mountain Ski Resort does a perennially brisk business. “Legends Bar & Grill” was a 15,000-foot restaurant and bar in the base lodge that hadn’t been renovated for decades. 3DS was asked to update the entire decor, but retain the logistical advantages of a large space. Even though it’s a popular venue for weddings and events, the client felt the space lacked “personality”.

3DS turned the place inside out. The previously single, central service hub was moved back of house, out of view. In its place, a large stone fireplace and seating cluster anchors what’s now become two distinct areas of the building, each with its own bar – one looking out at the mountains, the other overlooking the valley; one, an engaging performance space with full stage and lighting, the other is intimate and private. This not only doubled the visual appeal, it also doubled the operation’s capacity to host functions.

3DS opened up the ceiling, letting the space breathe and fill with natural light. As a finishing touch, each bar got one of 3DS’ specialty Concrete/Metal embedded bar tops, showcasing the surrounding mountains on one side and historic nearby river towns on the other. Renamed “SEASONS”, what was once a chilly, cavernous hall, the space is now neatly balanced – still huge but now with a “human-scale” feel

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