Squaw Valley Resort

The 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley came to define Squaw Valley as one of the continent’s preeminent Ski Resorts. The food and beverage facilities of this mountain resort had not been renovated since the 1980s. In terms of theming, the mountain’s Olympic history was a natural place to start.

Renovating two full floors in the Gold Coast facility over a three-year period. 3DS transformed “The Arc” by revolutionizing traffic flow in its cafeteria. Customers previously exhibited “herd” behaviour, queuing in lines and constricting movement. 3DS opened traffic to a free, unrestricted pattern with room for all. Strategically placed elements such as colourful “Grab & Go” impulse buy stations helped loosen flow. Custom tray rails with cutout metal patterns complement matching menu boards. The two Bars boast a salvaged wood and polished concrete countertop. Graphics play a major role, displaying historic images featured in custom light fixtures, bar panels, while giant translucent window murals create a spacious “forest view”.

Olympic House, the original base lodge, was built for the 1960 Olympics and was in desperate need of an update. With the original 1950’s West Coast design aesthetic in mind, 3DS redesigned the space and created the Olympic House Bar, with back wall full of dazzling lighting effects and “swinging Sixties” decor.

Squaw Valley Retail / Olympic Valley, CA

Two different ski shops, two radically different aesthetics, same company. This chain of logowear stores is all part of the same Squaw Valley Retail division. You might call it a business with “multiple personalities”. One evokes an old historic mountain ski lodge, the other is smooth, round, modern and as campy as they come. One is set up like a Sierra mountain camp, the other is decorated with way-out, cartoon “Fifties” TVs and sleek store fixtures. But they both follow the proven rules of ski resort retail merchandising and continue to bring Squaw Valley excellent results. 3DS designed & built everything in both stores, including the signage and lighting.

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