Caya Retail Store

It’s not every day a major corporation is also recognized as a truly progressive social force. In the heart of downtown Vancouver’s Davie Street district, Telus has opened a stunning retail tech showcase, aimed squarely at the local LGBT community. A marriage between Telus and Black’s Photography, the store is the first of its kind in Canada and possibly the world, creating groundbreaking new ways to market cutting-edge digital products. To design such an undertaking – at once a store, a statement and an experience – Telus called Waddell and Conder, who naturally brought the build to the masters of things-not-tried-before: 3DS.

We didn’t let them down. Overall response has been, well, we have to say it: fabulous. This impressive, elegant space is drawing nonstop raves for its all-designer decor, 20-foot ceilings, rich, sumptuous lighting, spectacular storewide graphics and electrifying user experience. And Telus walks its talk: the store is fully convertible, for fundraisers and other community functions. All display cases are on rollers, transforming the store into the area’s most stylish event space.

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