Harmony Discovery Centre

Harmony is a residential town centre development of a scope and scale rarely seen in the Real Estate industry. Bordeaux Properties are virtually “building a new town”, with man-made lakes, town centre, a full houseboat village and all manner of robust infrastructure, all located in a beautiful prairie expanse between Calgary and the Rockies.

3DS was called in on the strength of our being a true one-stop solution. Creating the flagship Discovery Centre was our first task in this long-term association. We worked closely with Bordeaux’s marketing team to structure an overall story that resonates in a presentation space. This involved strategy, envisioning sessions and a great deal of interaction with the ranching family that originally held the land. Their historical role is a foundation of the property’s sprawling story.

The finished space presents this prairie jewel that does not yet exist. It features a large, bright projection model, fully-interactive, user-controlled and instantly updatable as development progresses. The centre also boasts a number of interactive video displays, a kids’ play area, a café, a very impressive – and impressionistic –entrance sculpture and contains public meeting space, readily available for community events. 3DS was even active in designing the building itself. The project’s timeline was about a year, from first phone call to opening the doors.

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