Holborn Group Sales Centre

Gold, crystal, champagne – everything you think of when you think of The Luxury. That’s the world we stepped into when Kodu Design asked 3DS to build a fitting enclosure for Vancouver’s new Holborn show suite. We worked with designer Merike Lainevool to create a wraparound shell of undulating, faceted, floor-to-ceiling gold millwork that resembles nothing less than a huge cubist golden egg.

Approaching it from the outside, the structure is like nothing you’ve ever seen in a discovery center; follow the “egg” around to the inside and you find yourself in what is perhaps the most dazzling display suite in the city. This is the sort of thing that really is at the core of 3DS – specialty constructs no one else can quite muster. Other 3DS touches are featured throughout the suite, including an appropriately impressive base for the very impressive building model and an entire wall of custom-labeled gold Champagne bottles. Life, apparently, is good in Vancouver.

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