River Green Sales Centre


In Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic afterglow comes River Green. This sprawling development is the centerpiece of a huge new town centre complex, built on the banks of BC’s Fraser River, right down at the Olympic Speed-Skating oval. Our longtime collaborator partner, E+S, commissioned 3DS to create a stunningly contemporary new gallery in an existing purpose-built Discovery Centre.

It was our great fortune to be given an enormous, bright, open space, with plenty of room to make a real statement. 3DS went well beyond the conventional, creating a series of self-illuminating translucent display panels that dramatically showcase all of the project’s essential information. Next, we leveraged our expertise in making compelling interactive visitor displays. We built a full touchscreen-interface into a large display on the project model’s base, adding layers of rich information and bringing all the power of web interactivity to an in-person experience.

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