Shotgun Software Exhibit Booth for SIGGRAPH


Los Angeles-based Shotgun Software makes a cloud-based toolset for film, TV and game development and had recently been acquired by AutoDesk. The company was going into Vancouver’s prestigious SIGGRAPH Conference and needed a booth that would be completely different from anything else there.

With a complete rethink based on purpose, rather than template, 3DS gave Shotgun a presence that dominated the show. Simplicity was key. Everything had to focus attention on the products and presenters’ demos, with no distracting elements – all, while making an impeccable professional impression. Everything was centered around a massive, rustic 18-foot monolithic block, with a textured surface of sliced, dark-stained wood. Embedded in the block is a 70-inch video monitor, next to a brief, clear message, in raised dimensional letters. A single, long work table held four large computer monitors, with the rest of the booth’s footprint devoted to a small podium and face-to-face interaction. This worked perfectly. The strong, minimalist booth brought attention from all over the show, which was then transferred to Shotgun’s message and products. Where it should be.

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