River District Experience Centre

ParkLane Homes and Braun Allison brought their most ambitious project to 3DS. With our expertise in creating “flex spaces”, the Vancouver developer had us bring a 4,000 square-foot building to life for the launch of their massive 130-acre “River District” planned community. Located on one of the last pieces of undeveloped waterfront land in Vancouver, the River District Experience Center is a dazzling multi-purpose facility that goes far beyond the scope of conventional real estate discovery centres. And don’t just take our word for it. It won the prestigious National Assoc. of Homebuilders 2013 Gold Award – Best Sales Presentation Centre in North America.

State-of-the-art displays provide interaction throughout the facility. In a first for the city, a massive topographical video projection model of the community plan features fully interactive informational overlays, spanning the entire model. This enables instant, changeable, focused display of area amenities, from parks to bus routes, and even allows handwritten notation. But, based on principles of “New Urbanism”, it goes even further: after its duty as a sales centre is done, it will transform into a community centre. The building will become a hub of local activity, with features like a self-contained theatre, a family center, educational exhibit space and even a full 50-seat restaurant. ParkLane has partnered with local groups, such as the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, to offer ongoing programs and services. Designed by Braun Allison and built by 3DS, the River District Experience Center will be a landmark for years to come.

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